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Monday Jams: “Back From the Dead” by Skylar Grey

Once again, I’m turning over my musical credits to my favorite Singaporean who, for the third week in a row, has recommended the jam of the week.

Skylar Grey totally rocks these vocals and that lace dress (is it a dress?…I’m not sure, but it’s fucking fabulous and I want one…mainly to wear around my apartment by myself so I can finally justify buying a flapper-style cigarette holder and just carry it around–sans cigarette, of course–and pretend to be Audrey Hepburn). And, as Allie (aforementioned Singaporean) pointed out, this video has some solid creepy factors–just gearing you up for Halloween. En. Joy.

P.S. After posting this, my brother informed me that he helped on the set of this video. Once again proving that everyone in my family is cooler than me.