Shit To Do This Weekend!

Need something to do this weekend? Here’s where I’ll be. Which I suppose is an odd invitation for stalkers. Ok, so let me start over.

All of these things are super fun things you can do this weekend. I may or may not attend some of them. (See, stalkers thwarted.)


Saturday: So Chillfest is happening. And the fact I know about it makes me sound much cooler than I actually am. Apparently it’s this all day acoustic music fest at various locations in Bucktown. So color me hipster because one of my fave bands, The Midnight Kicks, is playing at 2:30  so I’ll be there. noon-6:00, FREE, locations vary


Saturday: MPAACT Solo Jams: Kat HerskovicI’ve seen Kat do stand up before and it is one of the best things I’ve ever experienced. Which includes the time when I saw two dogs sing “My Heart Will Go On” in harmony. Shut up, it happened. Go see this show. She’s fucking hysterical, and you’ll want to be her best friend afterwards. 11:00 P.M., Greenhouse Theatre, $12. For tix, click here.


Sunday: STACEJAMShe does improv, she does Zumba, she does puppets. And I want her to be my spirit animal. Check out Stacey Smith in STACEJAM, her solo show. 8:00 P.M., The Public House Theatre, $5.


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