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Monday Jams: “Tiny Soldiers” by Milo & Otis

This song is just, well, the fucking best. I’ve listened to it on repeat so many times that my neighbors most certainly know it as well. You’re welcome, guys.

After you’ve listened to this and want more (you will), check out their full albums here:

Monday Jams: “All About You” by Hilary Duff

If you hadn’t heard, she’s back. I’m not sure what I love more about this video: the choreographed line dancing with her friends [does anyone want to do that with me??], the Mercedes they get to drive around, or how it openly promotes creeping and stalking to find your crush. Where were you on that one,

Also, is it just me or is she standing on Thunder Road from the Grease drag race scene at the end of this video?

Monday Jams: “Caribbean Queen” by Billy Ocean

Um, if this doesn’t make your Monday better, than I can’t help you. Warning: the drama that ensues in this video is super intense. Like, glass breaking. Literally.

Monday Jams: “Black & Blue” by Miike Snow

Miike-Snow-Wave-VideoThis week’s jam came recommended by my buddy Finnigan, whose voice probably sounds familiar if you’re a fan of 101.9 The MIX. Not surprisingly, he’s another one of the many people in my life that has better taste in music than me. 

It’s a light, subtly uplifting tune–perfect for a Monday. And the video proves, once again, that only certain people can truly rock aviators and a robe. Color. Me. Jealous. 

Monday Jams: “We Trying to Stay Alive” by Wyclef

320x240First of all, this song has been a family favorite for quite some time. I remember my older bother blasting it from his room with his door closed. And, after reviewing the video again, now I know why. He was practicing his synchronized dance moves for the upcoming high school social. No. Doubt.

I received a call from my younger brother a few years ago, after he’d seen The Other Guys: “‘We Trying to Stay Alive’ is the OPENING song.” Sure enough, when I went to see the movie in theaters,* I sat there like a grinning fool as this jam played while Samuel L. Jackson and The Rock created the best high-speed chase scene of all time.**

Take the four minutes and sixteen seconds from your workday to at least watch this video. And $5 to anyone who can track down Mr. Blue Satin at 3:12. I want his number.

*I know, I don’t see movies often, but when I do I make it count.

**Here’s said high-speed chase below. You’re welcome.








Monday Jams: “Locked Inside” by Janelle Monáe

Reborn2-476x360If you’re feeling some Monday blues and want a little jam that will pick you up, but not throw sunshine and ponies in your face, then this tune is for you. Marie, who’s getting married next year, met DJ Reborn on Friday, immediately fell hard into a girl crush, asked her to DJ her wedding, and then passed along her info to me. At which point I also  fell hard for this Chicago native, who’s now tearing up New York with her turn tables* and bad ass mentoring of NYC youth with Urban Word.

Yeah, she’s my hero.

*That’s what DJs use, right? 


Monday Jams: “Uncertainty” by Jagwar Ma

Jagwar-Ma-0072-658x350So this is a band that my younger brother told me to check out in hopes to make me cooler and perhaps find something other than the Frozen soundtrack to jam out to. I took his recommendation…which meant that I would just randomly drop the band’s name in conversation to make myself appear cooler to interested gentlemen folk. The only problem with that was, since I never bothered to actually look up the band, I pronounced it “Jaguar Ma,” once again proving that I am not, in fact, cool.

Turns out that when I actually listened to Jagwar Ma, I realized they’re a band I can totally get into. Especially since the lead singer is rockin’ a Devon Sawa haircut. You’re welcome.


Monday Jams: “Back From the Dead” by Skylar Grey

Once again, I’m turning over my musical credits to my favorite Singaporean who, for the third week in a row, has recommended the jam of the week.

Skylar Grey totally rocks these vocals and that lace dress (is it a dress?…I’m not sure, but it’s fucking fabulous and I want one…mainly to wear around my apartment by myself so I can finally justify buying a flapper-style cigarette holder and just carry it around–sans cigarette, of course–and pretend to be Audrey Hepburn). And, as Allie (aforementioned Singaporean) pointed out, this video has some solid creepy factors–just gearing you up for Halloween. En. Joy.

P.S. After posting this, my brother informed me that he helped on the set of this video. Once again proving that everyone in my family is cooler than me.

Monday Jams: Not Another “Shake It Off” Spin Off

taylor-swift-shake-it-off-2So, yes, I’m obsessed with T. Swift’s new effing fantastic jam. Which means that every time it comes on, I’m caught doing a super-cool and chic dance. Which then means that I love the alllll out takes and every spin off that’s come as a result.

This one, however, is especially inspiring because of organization, coordination, and well, eye candy. It is also courtesy of my current (though unbeknownst to her) Monday Jam sponsor, Allie, of Expat Adventures. And, as one gal on our group text pointed out, “Guy at 2:10 isn’t anything to shake a stick at.” Agreed. No stick shaking here. You’re welcome.

Monday Jams: Free by Emeli Sandé

I’ve been listening to this song on repeat like every day for the last four months. I’m quite sure my neighbor knows all the words now, too. (You’re welcome, dude.)

My friend, Allie, passed this gem along to me. She’s the writer behind the blog Expat Adventures because she knows what it’s like to live in Chicago, London, and now Singapore. Allie is the ultimate bad ass and chronicles all the crazy and cool places she travels with her adorable Brit hubby.

And yes, I told that whole story just to give my music choice some credibility. Enjoy.