Chloe Cline headshotChloe Cline is a writer, comedian, and first date connoisseur. A former high school teacher, Chloe is no stranger to awkward situations, poor grammar, and immature guys. In her blog she relays the trials (and infrequent triumphs) of the Chicago dating scene.

In addition to writing, Chloe enjoys performing improv and stand up comedy at various theaters and bars across the city. If she’s not doing one of these activities, she can still be found at one of the various bars across the city.



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  1. Lindsay Breckheimer says:

    My name is Lindsay Breckheimer and I was reading your blog and loved it! Being single in Chicago comes with a lot of adventure and comedy at the same time. With that being said one of our clients at Janicek and Company Productions, Paul Farahvar is a stand-up comedian who does Singles Night every Thursday at the Laugh Factory. Singles Night is a comedy set where comedians make jokes about the struggles of dating and interact with the audience, hearing some of their nightmare dates, that makes this night all the more fun. Your headline “There are no bad dates, only good material” is exactly what Paul and the Laugh Factory are trying to get at with poking fun of themselves and the sometimes struggles of going on first dates.

    You have an amazing following and great stories that are very real and relatable. I was wondering if you would be interested in writing a piece about Singles Night? We would give you free tickets to go to the show, a meeting with Paul to understand the idea behind Singles Night, and whatever else you would like to make the night more enjoyable. I know for me that usually means some free drinks! If you would be willing to write a piece about Paul and the Laugh Factory that would be truly amazing because people love to read your pieces and I feel you could capture the whole meaning behind Singles Night at Laugh Factory perfectly.

    Please let me know if you are interested!

    Thank you for your time,

    Lindsay Breckheimer

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